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Improve resuscitation proficiency

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Easily meet regulatory requirements

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Reduce total training time and program cost


At Air Methods, we transport nearly 60,000 patients annually, from 140 bases across the US. We transitioned from a traditional leader-led program to the Red Cross instructor-less model, allowing our staff to obtain or update their certifications on their own schedule. The instructor-less model has significantly reduced the burden on our educators while also resulting in substantial cost savings.

Darrin Burchat

Clinical Education Manager

Air Methods Corporation

It’s not a test- it’s learning a new skill. Some people can learn how to ride a bike after one try, others may need to hop on several times before it clicks. That’s also how these manikins work. We are learning skills and correcting old habits.

Nathalie Korpics

MS, Training Manager, Radiology

Massachusetts General Hospital

Ensuring that resuscitation proficiencies are achieved in the skilled nursing facility, home health, and assisted living settings requires an integrated approach. Learn why EmpRes Healthcare, a leading healthcare management provider, made the decision to switch to the Red Cross Resuscitation Suite.

EmpRes Healthcare

Consolidate Requirements_G

Resuscitation Training Standards & Guidelines

Stay up-to-date with the latest guidelines for resuscitation training


HealthStream Resuscitation Suite product screenshot

Additional program benefits:

  • Founded on ILCOR's scientific guidelines and consistent with well-established guidelines for U.S. resuscitation programs
  • Personalize the learning experience by individual to focus on knowledge gaps, which are identified through pre-assessments
  • Promote knowledge retention through engaging content with videos leveraging real clinicians in realistic scenarios, followed by purposeful debriefing
  • Train for accuracy and consistency with integrated sensors in manikins that measure real-time performance on compression depth, recoil, hand placement, and rate
  • Provide immediate and objective skills feedback with learner scorecard through skills app and blood perfusion on the manikin


  • Select your preferred skills practice at 3, 6, 12, or 24 months by learner or department with our interval dial — at no additional cost
  • Easily manage program compliance through enterprise and department-level insights and internal communication tools
  • Access digital certificates as the student, manager or administrator
  • Join our network of health systems driving quality improvement in resuscitation with our free, weekly webinars and online community


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